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American author and naturalist Henry David Thoreau traveled farther away from Concord and more often than most of us realize.

Yes, he loved his hometown and he knew practically every inch of it. But he also went farther afield on more than 150 occasions: to Cambridge and Boston to use the libraries; to various points in New England to lecture or to conduct property surveys; and to many places merely to enjoy personal explorations or to visit with friends. He was most certainly not a hermit. This site is devoted to Henry, to the places he visited, and to the ways we can follow his paths today.



Join us for a four-day tour of Minnesota,
as we follow parts of Thoreau's 1861 trip!
June 21-25, 2018
Click here for details.

Banner Photos by Corinne H. Smith: Mount Greylock's Bellows Pipe Trail; Concord River at Great Meadows; MBTA/Fitchburg Railroad tracks at Walden Pond

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