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The Journal

as outlined in two episodes of the video series, Studying Thoreau.   

               episode four and episode five

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Harrison Gray Otis Blake's seasonal volumes.  
   Early Spring in Massachusetts. 1881, 1893.

   Summer. 1884, 1893.

   Autumn. 1892, 1893.

   Winter. 1887, 1893.

   All were published by Houghton Mifflin Company. The Riverside Editions are the second editions of these books.


The 1906 set.



   The Writings of Henry David Thoreau. 20-volume set. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1906.

   Go to the end of the used book listings to find full sets. The Walden Edition is a typical hardback edition. The Deluxe Manuscript Edition will include a page from one of Thoreauís original manuscripts.   



An addition to the 1906 set.

    Consciousness in Concord: The Text of Thoreauís Hitherto Lost Journal (1840-1841). With a commentary by Perry Miller. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1958.


 The Dover edition of the 1906 set.

    The Journal of Henry D. Thoreau. In Fourteen Volumes, Bound as Two. Edited by Bradford Torrey and Francis H. Allen. With a Foreword by Walter Harding. Dover Publications, 1962.

    This large two-volume set duplicates the journal pages as they were first published in the set of Thoreau's writings released by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1906. They are out of print. Here are links to find used copies for purchase.

    Volume One. Volumes I-VII (1837-October 1855)

    Volume Two. Volumes VII-XIV (November 1855-1861)

     As a set, perhaps.



The Peregrine Smith / Thoreau Quarterly edition of the  1906 set.  

   The Journal of Henry David Thoreau. Peregrine Smith / The Thoreau Quarterly, 1984.




Single-volume selected compilations.


   The Heart of Thoreauís Journals. Edited by Odell Shepard. Dover Publications, 1927, second revised edition 1961.




   H. D. Thoreau: A Writerís Journal. Selected and edited with an introduction by Laurence Stapleton. Dover Publications, 1960.



    I to Myself: An Annotated Selection from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau. Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer. Yale University Press, 2007.


     The Journal: 1837-1861. Preface by John Stilgoe. Edited by Damion Searls. New York Review Books, 2009.



Princeton editions.  

   Journal 1: 1837-1844. Princeton University Press, 1981.

   Journal 2: 1842-1848. Princeton University Press, 1984.

   Journal 3: 1848-1851. Princeton University Press, 1990.

   Journal 4: 1851-1852. Princeton University Press, 1992.

   Journal 5: 1852-1853. Princeton University Press, 1997.

   Journal 6: 1853. Princeton University Press, 1981.

   Journal 7: 1853-1854. Princeton University Press, 2009.

   Journal 8: 1854. Princeton University Press, 2002.





   Here's the link to the Princeton editions page for "Ongoing Thoreau Transcriptions." Follow it to read the new, non-published transcriptions for volumes 9 to 16, as well as Thoreau's original manuscripts pages for the last half of his journal. And explore the site to find even more cool stuff.




   Ray Angelo's Botanical Index to the Journal of Henry David Thoreau.

   This Old House: The Wilder Mansion in Bolton.

   The Literary Manuscripts of Henry David Thoreau. By William L. Howarth. Ohio State University Press, 1974.



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