Travels with Thoreau: 1817-1848

     ~ Following in the Footsteps of Henry David Thoreau ~


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  • October 1818-September 1821: The Thoreau family lives in Chelmsford.

  • September 1821-March 1823: The Thoreau family lives in Boston.

  • August 1833-August 1837: Cambridge: Attends & graduates from Harvard College.

  • 1835-1836: Canton: Spends six weeks teaching with Orestes A. Brownson.

  • 1839: May 3-17: Maine, in search of a teaching job. (Portland, Brunswick, Bath, Gardiner, Hallowell, Augusta, China, Bangor, Oldtown, Saturday Cove, Castine, Belfast, Thomaston.)

  • 1839-August-31 to September 13: To White Mountains of NH and back, on boating trip with brother John Thoreau. The basis for Thoreau’s first book, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers.

  • 1839: December: Scituate, with brother John and Prudence Ward, to visit Ellen Sewall.

  • 1841: September 20: Bolton, to visit Sampson Wilder about his peach trees.

  • 1841: November 29-December 10: Cambridge and Harvard College, setting up temporary residence in order to check out books from the college library; rooms with Charles Stearns Wheeler.

  • 1842- July 19-22: To Mount Wachusett and back, walking, mostly with Richard Fuller.

  • 1843: May- December: Lives on Staten Island, teaching Emerson children. (Includes trip back to Concord at Thanksgiving and then back again after quitting.)

  • 1844: March 10: Boston: Delivers two lectures at Amory Hall.

  • 1844: July and August: Embarks on a walkabout from Concord to Mount Monadnock, then down into the Connecticut River valley and up the Deerfield River valley into the Berkshires, climbing Mount Greylock. Then walks to Pittsfield to catch train and meet Ellery Channing, and together they travel to the Catskills. Return via the Western Railroad across Massachusetts.

  • 1846: August 31-September 11: Maine, first excursion.

  • 1847: October 5: Boston, to see Emerson off to Europe on the Washington Irving packet ship.

  • 1848: Boston, takes part in several “Conversations.”

  • 1848: Summer: Walks with Ellery Channing for four days throughout southeastern New Hampshire, seemingly along the Merrimack River valley as far north as Goffstown, before turning toward home.

  • 1848: November 22: Salem, to lecture.

  • 1848: December 20: Gloucester, to lecture.


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